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Originally I have always been a dog person but as a moved to live on my own I took few cats to live with me. This was the most logical choice since there is a bit difficult to keep a dog in Helsinki.

These first little friends of mine were girls. Their names were Konsta and Osku. (Those are boys names because the cats were sold to me as boys...live and learn).

My first breed was (and still is) a ragdoll Mirandos' Donnie Brasco (Pirkko).

My first siberian cat was Siperiankulta Derric (Terttu) who is from FIN*Siperiankulta-cattery (breeder Eriika Jähi). And a little bit later I took an other boy from her, Siperiankulta Galilei (Kerttu).

At this point I bought a kurilian bobtail girl from Tallinn, Estonia. Valeri (Ötökkä) is the very first of her breed in Finland.

I must thank FIN*Lumikissan-cattery about the most beautiful and charming little man Ermak Dauria because they proposed to me to have him as co-owner. He (called Herkku) is from Moskov and his breeder is Tatiana Mareeva. Herkku is a very successfull gentleman.

My cattery name FIN*Cherrytail's was abroved in FiFe in spring 2004. So here starts my work as a breeder.

I can be found in most of the finnish cat shows so if You have any questions, don't hesitate to come around for a chat.

Regards: Ira ja the furry little friends


I raise siberian cats and kurilian bobtails.
My first litter of Kurilian Bobtail was born in summer 2005 and first litter of Siberiancats was born 23.5 2006!

This cute boy is Cherrytail´s Ahote and he is black silvertabby Kurilian bobtail.



Ira Weckström
Kotkankatu 4
Puh: 0400-587985